My Products


All of the products are designed by myself, and are individually made by hand. This enables me to maintain the highest standards of craftsmanship and quality – right down to the last stitch. All of the materials are hand-cut, so every piece of fabric or leather can be carefully cut from a larger piece, to precisely suit the design. All of my products are designed and created at my home studio in Scotland.

large clutch     Evening Clutches        


Over the past few years I have become more aware of the impact that fashion has on our environment. This has made me take a close look at the materials I use, and any effects that their production has on our natural world.

The tartan, tweed and Harris Tweed that I use are 100% wool, all sourced from the UK. I mainly use wild Scottish deerskin. The tanning of the leather is carried out using an environmentally responsible process.

I offer a repair and upcycle scheme, to help ensure that my bags can last a lifetime.    

Harris Tweed Shoulder Bag     Harris Tweed Wristlet Clutches       

Zero Waste

At present, my working process produces very little waste. I create small items from the offcuts, so almost nothing goes in the bin. Any remaining scraps are used to create craft bundles.